Tesla Car Beats Coast to Coast Record by Crossing America in 67 Hours

Tesla Coast to Coast 2

Electric cars are seen by many as the way forward for private transportation, with Tesla being one of the best manufacturers of this type of vehicle. A recently completed challenge proved just how good their electric cars are, when staff from Edmunds.com completed the electric car record: Tesla drives from California to New York in 67 hours. This broke the previous record of 76 hours, which was set by a team of Tesla drivers.

The Edmunds.com team of Dan Edmunds and Kurt Niebuhr set off from Redondo Beach, California, in a Tesla Model S and covered the 3,300 mile drive to New York in less than three days. During this time they made stops at 23 different Tesla charging stations across the country to ensure their car had the necessary power to complete the journey. Unlike the previous attempt by the Tesla team, Edmunds and Niebuhr shunned the use of a support car and staff, and completed their epic journey without assistance from others.

Not content with making their record breaking trip in one direction, they spent only one day in New York after their arrival before turning their vehicle around and making the return trip. This was carried out to a more relaxed schedule although the entire trip from California to New York and back again was completed in less than a week.

Tesla Coast to Coast 1After their success at breaking the cross-country record for an electric vehicle, Edmunds commented that the key to their achievement was driving smart rather that going for out-and-out speed. They still managed an impressive average of 63.2 mph during their adventure although their aim was always to drive responsibly to conserve fuel. This ensured that the car batteries had enough electricity to get them from one charging station to the next without any problems.

The duo spent an average of around 38 minutes charging their vehicle at each station and juiced the batteries with just enough power to make the distance to their next stopping off point. A statistic that may interest anyone that is considering buying an electric vehicle is that the entire trip was completed with no cost for fuel. This is down to Tesla offering free charging to owners of their electric vehicles at any of their stations.
It remains to be seen how long this new record will stand, but it certainly put electric cars in the news for all the right reasons and demonstrates their capabilities in making reliable long-distance journeys.

The cross-country sprint statistics:

  • Total Distance: 3,331.9 miles
  • Driving Time: 52 hours, 41 minutes
  • Average Driving Speed: 63.2 mph
  • Total Supercharger Plug-In Time: 14 hours, 40 minutes
  • Average Supercharger Plug-in Time: 38.3 minutes
  • Number of Other Stops: 0
  • Total Energy Consumption: 1.06 Megawatt-hours
  • Total Fuel Cost: $0 (Provided by Tesla’s free superchargers)


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